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Send an SMS alert from a task

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Send an SMS alert from a task

Use Notify to send SMS alerts from a task record to send any information related to the call.

Before you begin

Role required: itil

About this task

Notify must be set up before you can use Notify on task. Ensure there are Notify phone numbers (E.164 or short code) in number groups with SMS workflows. Also ensure the property glide.notify.task.phone_number is set to one of these Notify phone numbers with outgoing SMS capability.


  1. Navigate to any task record such as an incident or a change request.
  2. Click the Send SMS related link.
  3. In the From choice list, select the phone number from which you want to send the SMS message.
  4. Select and add the participants to whom you want to send the SMS message.
    All users from the User Contacts list in the incident communication plan are in the Recommended section by default.

    The dialog box displays the Recommended and Selected participants to whom you want to send an SMS message.

  5. To select ad-hoc participants, choose one of the following actions:
    Click the reference lookup icon and select the relevant user Click Add to selected.
    Enter the participant's phone number Click Add to selected.
  6. After the participant list is finalized, type the message you want to send to the participants in the Message field and click Send SMS.


Any SMS records created from a task are associated with that task. You can view associated SMS messages from the task record in the SMS Messages related list. You might need to configure the form to add this related list.