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Create a survey category in a survey

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Create a survey category in a survey

You can modify an existing survey to add one or more survey categories.

Before you begin

Role required: admin or survey_admin

About this task

Only one category is required for each survey, but you can add additional categories as needed.


  1. Navigate to Survey > View Surveys.
  2. Open a survey definition.
  3. In the Metric Categories related list, open a category or click New.
    Each survey category is stored as a record on the Metric Category [asmt_metric_category] table with a modified view for survey use.
  4. Enter the survey category name and description.
    The category name appears on questionnaires when either of the following is true.
    • There is more than one category for the survey.
    • There is only one category and its name is different from the survey definition name. If you create a survey using the survey creator, the category name is the same as the survey definition name.
  5. Right-click the form header and click Save.
    The Assessment Metrics and Users related lists appear.
  6. Click Update.