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Configure an email account

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Configure an email account

You can create email accounts in addition to the accounts provisioned for you.

Before you begin

  • Role required: admin
  • Email server: a compatible email server
    • SMTP
    • POP3
    • IMAP
Warning: An SMTP server that uses a localhost or loopback ( IP address is not accepted as a compatible email server. For more information, see KB0724199.


  1. Navigate to System Mailboxes > Administration > Email Accounts.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form (see table).
    Table 1. Email Account fields
    Field Description
    Name The name to identify this Email Account.
    Type The type of mail server. The choices are:
    • Email Reader
      • POP3
      • IMAP
    • Email Sender
      • SMTP (only one active account permitted)
    Authentication The type of authentication used for the email account to connect to the email server. The choices are Password, OAUTH, and OAUTH 2.0. The Email - OAuth support for IMAP and SMTP plugin must be active for the OAuth options to be visible.
    OAuth Provider Select the OAuth application registry record for this account. This field appears if you selected OAuth 2.0.
    Server The remote server to which this account connects. To activate a server for an on-premise installation, enter the full address (FQDN) of the node (for example, node.customerdomain).
    Active Determines if this Email Account is active.
    ServiceNow Configured Indicates if this account is provisioned by ServiceNow. This field is read-only. If you create an account, this option is not selected.
    Email user label A display value used for outgoing messages. This field is for SMTP type accounts only.
    User name The user name or ID to authenticate an email address. The value in this field is also the From address when the instance sends email. If you are using SMTP, this must be a full email address. The value in the From field can override this (for SMTP accounts).
    Note: The address in the From field on the Notification form takes precedence over this field.
    Password The password when the Authentication type is Password.
    Note: You may need to increase the size of this field to accommodate longer passwords. By default, this field has a size of 40 characters.
    From (SMTP only) The From address used for notifications sent with this account. This address takes precedence over the User name field. If nothing is present in this field, the User name is used as the return address for notifications sent from the instance.
    Connection Security The type of secure connection. Choose a setting:
    • None: No secure protocol is used.
    • STARTTLS: Upgrades an insecure connection to a secure connection using the SSL/TLS encryption protocol, if your email server supports TLS.
    • SSL/TLS: Connect to an SSL/TLS encrypted port to secure the connection. Email is encrypted between the ServiceNow instance and your mail server.
    Warning: Selecting a less secure protocol like STARTTLS or None may expose your data. To better ensure the security of data in your email server, select SSL/TLS.
    Port Connection TCP port.
    The Email Account form
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Click the test connection link at the bottom to test the SMTP, POP3, or IMAP account.

    The system displays a pop-up window with the results of the connection test.

    Connection Test pop-up window displaying the results connection successful.

    If the test succeeds, click Close to return to the email account record. If the test fails, click View Logs to display more information about the test results.


The system uses the email account to send or receive email.

What to do next

Enable the system to send or receive email.