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Request a coaching assessment

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Request a coaching assessment

Optionally, the problem manager assigned to that problem analysis record can request a coaching assessment.

About this task

Coaching assessment enables a coach to monitor specific behavior in an individual or group, the coachee, and provide timely feedback, so that the coachee can do a better job the next time. Coaching assessment is typically requested during the initial stages of the structured problem analysis process, but can be requested at any point.


  1. Navigate to Structured Problem Analysis > Problem Analysis.
  2. Open a problem analysis record.
  3. Click Request assessment in the header bar.
    Figure 1. Problem analysis request assessment
    Problem analysis request assessment
    Note: The Request assessment button appears only if the problem analysis record has been assigned to you and you are a member of the relevant coachee group (the group whose members are eligible for coaching for this discipline).

    For more information on how a coaching assessment is performed, see Coaching Loops.

    The next step in the structured problem analysis process is to fully define the problem.