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Security Incident Response setup

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Security Incident Response setup

Setup for Security Incident Response involves some mandatory steps and several optional steps, depending on your specific requirements. After you have downloaded Security Incident Response from the ServiceNow Store and installed it, you are ready to run the Setup Assistant to perform basic configuration for Security Incident Response and third-party integrations.

The Security Incident Response setup process

The following diagram illustrates the setup process. It is separated into two sub-processes, downloading and configuring the Security Incident Response application and then downloading and configuring the Security Analyst Workspace.
Security Incident Response setup process
The first setup step is to download the Security Incident Response application from the ServiceNow Store. When the download is complete, several dependent applications, including the Setup Assistant, are loaded and ready for use to configure Security Incident Response.

Setup Assistant

The Security Incident Response Setup Assistant is a wizard-like application that guides you, step-by-step, through the setup of your base Security Incident Response instance.
Setup assistant
The setup steps are fairly self-explanatory; however, if you require additional explanation, you can find additional assistance in the Setup Assistant reference. After you have completed the setup using the Setup Assistant, you can perform other optional setup procedures, as needed. These procedures include options for:
  • Setting up the request life cycle
  • Creating catalogs and requests
  • Configuring notifications
  • Setting up manual and auto-assignment
  • Enabling the knowledge base, managed documents, and task activities

Security Analyst Workspace

When you have completed Security Incident Response configuration, you are ready to install and configure the Security Analyst Workspace, which simplifies security incident analysis.
Security Analyst Workspace

First, you must download the application from the ServiceNow Store and then configure it. The configuration process includes setting up primary and secondary filters for narrowing down the list of security incidents for analysis.

After you have installed and configured the application, you can open the Security Analyst Workspace by navigating to Security Incident > Incidents (New UI).