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Browser requirements for all New York features and products

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Browser requirements for all New York features and products

Cumulative release notes summary on browser requirements for New York features and products.

Several products have specific browser requirements. Review this information to ensure you are using the correct browsers and browser versions.
Application or feature Details

Agent Workspace

If you are using the Firefox browser version 65, there is an issue affecting accessibility in Agent Workspace when tabbing between elements. There are no tabbing issues if you use Firefox browser version 66 or later.

Automated Test Framework

Automated Test Framework only supports running tests from desktop browsers. You can't run tests or test suites from tablets, mobile browsers, or the mobile UI. Some desktop browsers require additional configuration. See Browser recommendations for Automated Test Framework.

Automated Test Framework offers limited support for test design on tablets. You can't add new custom UI test steps from tablets because tablets can't retrieve any components. You can review existing custom UI test steps that were added from a desktop browser.

Guided Application Creator

If you are using Microsoft Edge or a version of Internet Explorer that is IE11 or older, you can work only in the legacy application creator. To work in Guided Application Creator, use a different browser.

Natural Language Understanding

For optimal performance on the Now Platform, use the NLU model builder in the latest release of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge. NLU model builder isn't supported in Internet Explorer.

Predictive Intelligence

For optimal performance on the ServiceNow platform, use Predictive Intelligence in the latest release of Chrome.

Service Owner Workspace

Internet Explorer browser versions prior to IE11 are not supported. Use the latest available versions of the Chrome browser, Firefox browser, or Safari browser to access Service Owner Workspace.

Service Portal

If you're using Internet Explorer 11, ensure that Protected Mode is disabled.


Context menu options can be accessed only if the browser supports SharedWorker. For example, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Virtual Agent

Use Virtual Agent Designer on modern browsers such as Chrome or Edge. Virtual Agent Designer is not supported on Safari and older versions of Internet Explorer (such as IE11) browsers.