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Agent Workspace release notes

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Agent Workspace release notes

ServiceNow® Agent Workspace product enhancements and updates in the New York release.

New York upgrade information

For the New York release, you can use the Declarative Actions framework to exclude New UI actions, instead of adding tables to the New Button List Exclusions [sys_aw_crud_exclusions] table. A migration script runs when you upgrade your instance, so any tables in the New Button List Exclusions [sys_aw_crud_exclusions] table migrate to the new framework.​ If you want to exclude additional tables, use the Action Assignment module.

If your instance partially upgrades from the Madrid release to the New York release, your instance runs Agent Workspace on the Madrid release.

New in the New York release

Customizable Agent Workspace landing page

The Agent Workspace landing page displays a set of reports that are the initial view of your agent’s workspace. You can customize your landing page layout (header, containers, and widgets) and incorporate reports, such as a report that shows trending issues, to appear on the page.

Similarity Analyzer for trend recognition
Define patterns and trends that can help with resolving issues or tasks. By using definable Predictive Intelligence similarity solutions, the Similarity Analyzer can reference such trends as common resolutions, linked problems, major incident detection, and linked major incidents. If you enable Agent Assist Recommendations, you can recommend solutions to agents for recognizable trends.
Agent Assist Recommendations
Configure Agent Assist Recommendations to display recommended actions when specified trends result from similar incidents. After you enable and configure Predictive Intelligence and the Similarity Analyzer, you can define the recommendation for messaging, display, and actions for the specified trends. You can also prioritize recommendations to ensure that the best recommendations appear in a logical order for multiple trends.
Agent Workspace form updates
  • Administrators can add highlighted values to the secondary values in the form header. Reference fields that display as secondary values open the corresponding record in a child tab.
  • Administrators can use Workspace View Rules to control which form view renders for their users. Conditions can be set on roles or field values.
  • Agents can add tags to records. Tag visibility can be set to all users, visible only to specific groups or users, or visible to a single user.
  • Agent Workspace supports uploading file attachments via drag and drop, uploading multiple file attachments, and previewing an image attachment before upload.
Agent Workspace list updates
  • List UI actions: By enabling new OOB UI actions on full lists, agents can multi-edit records and assign records to themselves. For scalability, the New list UI action administers through the new Declarative Action framework. You can exclude New UI actions from tables using the Action Assignment module, which replaces the task of adding tables to the New Button List Exclusions table.
  • List multi-edit: Agents can update multiple records in a list at one time.
  • List export: List records can export into CSV, XLSX, JSON, or PDF files. Agents can choose to download the file or send via email.​
  • List quick edit: Agents can view record information and the activity stream and also apply changes to a single record without leaving their list.
  • List grouping: Agents can group lists by a single column.​
  • List column filtering: Agents can quickly filter a list via column headings without having to open the advanced filter.
Quick actions (slash commands) in chat
Set up shortcuts in Agent Workspace chat so agents can work more efficiently with their customers. Agents can trigger a quick action by entering the slash (/) followed by a command shortcut in the chat message box. For example, agents can enter the quick action command /ta <agent name> to transfer a chat to another agent or /tq <queue name> to transfer the chat to another queue.
Response templates
Create response templates that define standard messages or information that agents can see when they are working on cases or incidents, or when they are chatting with customers in Agent Workspace. For example, in the chat message box, agents enter the quick action command (/r) followed by a message shortcut to display a list of standard response templates. Users with the quick_action_admin role can create response templates and activate base system response templates.
Antivirus scanning
Use antivirus scanning to protect against virus infections from file attachments. After you upload a file, the system automatically scans all files for viruses. You cannot view or download a file with a virus.
Phone e164 support
Phone e164 field types support international phone numbers. This functionality supports international country codes, which makes it easier for agents to properly store and use contact information.

Changed in this release

Combine Agent Assist with Predictive Intelligence in the contextual sidebar
Agent Assist and Predictive Intelligence now merge into one component, which makes it easier for agents to find information to resolve incidents and cases. These components use machine learning and similarity trend recognition to identify the most relevant major incidents, incidents, problems, changes, cases, knowledge articles, catalog items, or community content.
Preview image attachments
You can preview an image attachment before downloading from the Agent Workspace Activity Stream or from the attachment section in the contextual side panel.
Enable rich text editing for journal input field entries in the Agent Workspace Activity Stream
Agents can copy and paste images inline and format text using the HTML editor on journal input fields, which post to the Agent Workspace Activity Stream. To enable rich text on journal input fields, change the value of the glide.ui.journal.use_html system property to true.

Activation information

Now Platform® feature - active by default.

To activate quick actions, including response templates, activate the Agent Chat (com.glide.interaction.awa) plugin.

Browser requirements

If you are using the Firefox browser version 65, there is an issue affecting accessibility in Agent Workspace when tabbing between elements. There are no tabbing issues if you use Firefox browser version 66 or later.