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Event Management release notes

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Event Management release notes

ServiceNow® Event Management product enhancements and updates in the New York release.

Event Management helps you to identify, remediate, and escalate health issues across your organization's IT infrastructure on a single management platform. It provides alert aggregation and root cause analysis (RCA) for discovered services, application services, and automated alert groups.

New York upgrade information

The upgrade process moves your instance to a new ServiceNow® release version. Upgrading and patching your instance requires planning, testing, and validation. To ensure a safe and effective upgrade, create upgrade plans and test your upgrade on non-production instances before upgrading your production instance.

New in the New York release

Mobile experience for Event Management
Manage Event Management alerts and business services from anywhere, using the Event Management mobile application. The mobile interface displays the top alerts and services, organized by severity and priority. You can also view alert and service details, perform various actions on alerts and services, create incidents, and add work notes.
SAP Solution Manager connector
The SAP Solution Manager connector is provided with Event Management.
Alert management rules provided with Event Management
New alert management rules are provided with Event Management:
  • Create Major Incident
  • Create Major Incident Candidate

A major incident candidate can be promoted to become a major incident.

New Event Management subflows
Specify repeated actions using the new Event Management subflows:
  • Create Major Incident Candidate
  • Create Major Incident From Alert

Changed in this release

Learned Patterns Report
The Learned Patterns report appears in table format instead of dashboard format.
New term for Agent Intelligence
Agent Intelligence is now called Predictive Intelligence.
MID Server RCA support
As a legacy customer, you can configure a MID Server with RCA support. This feature is not available for new customers.
Performance improvements
Substantial performance improvements have been implemented for event processing, impact calculation, and alerts correlation.