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Create a dashboard version of a homepage

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Create a dashboard version of a homepage

To take advantage of responsive dashboard functionality, you can migrate existing homepages to dashboards.

Before you begin

Users with any role can copy their own homepage to a dashboard. Users with the admin role can create dashboard versions of any homepage.
Advantages of dashboards include:
  • Responsive design — The widgets on a dashboard are optimized for the screen you are using: desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Drag-and-drop widgets — You can add dashboard widgets precisely where you want them and rearrange the dashboard with easy to use tools.
  • Shareability — You can share dashboards easily with users, roles, and groups.

About this task

When you create a dashboard version of a homepage, the content is added to the new dashboard, but these converted dashboards do not retain the permissions that were associated with the old homepage. To apply permissions to the dashboard, specify the permissions again. Users who you share a dashboard may or may not be able to edit the dashboard or share it with others. The ability to edit or share a dashboard is based on the user's role and the permissions granted to them.

You can convert any home page that you can access through It is not possible to convert manually coded UI pages that utilize the homepage layout system, but are not accessible through

Homepages with layouts that include scripts or style sheets might not work or might not look as you expect them to after conversion. This is because Jelly is not evaluated during conversion. Jelly, a tool for turning XML into executable code, is used in many homepage scripts.

When you convert a homepage to a dashboard, the dashboard is independent of the homepage. Changes you make to the dashboard do not migrate to the source homepage. In addition, changes that you make to the homepage after conversion do not migrate to the dashboard.


  1. Enable responsive dashboards. For more information, see Responsive dashboard properties.
  2. Navigate to Self-Service > Homepage.
  3. From the list, select the homepage you want to copy.
    List of homepages to copy
  4. Click the Homepage settings icon homepage settings icon and choose Create Dashboard Version.
    Settings icon with Create Dashboard Version menu item
  5. Select Create new dashboard or Add to existing dashboard and click Create.
    The Add to existing dashboard list contains only the dashboards you own. If you select this option, the homepage is added as a tab to the existing dashboard.


When successful, the dashboard version opens as a new dashboard or as a tab on the selected dashboard.
Note: The layout of the dashboard version is similar to the homepage layout but may not be precisely the same.
Note: Homepages with dashboard versions show a button with the text Open Dashboard Version. This button takes the user to the most recently created dashboard version of the homepage.

What to do next

You can share the dashboard version of your homepage with other users. See Share a responsive dashboard.