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Create a key-value pair mapping

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Create a key-value pair mapping

Key-value pair mappings transform data in the ServiceNow platform to a value that can be plotted on a map. Mappings are used during map source configuration when data requires transformation. Each mapping exists in a mapping group.

Before you begin

Role required: report_admin or admin

About this task

Default system key-value pairs map data to geoJSON hc-key values. All hc-key values follow ISO 3166 standards. Default mappings exist for the most commonly used data values. If your data uses a different value, you must create a key-value pair mapping.

For example, the default mapping for United States of America maps key USA to ISO value us. If your data has value of United States instead of USA, you must make a new key-value pair to map United States to ISO value us.


  1. Navigate to the Locations Mappings [sys_report_map_source_mapping] table.
  2. Open the mapping group to add the mapping to.
    Select the mapping group that corresponds to type of object that you want to create a mapping for. For example, if you are creating a mapping for field value United States, select the Country mappings group.
  3. Click New.
  4. Fill in these fields.
    Table 1. Locations Mappings form
    Field Description
    Key The field value to transform. For example, USA.
    Value The value to transform the key to. For example, us. This value is typically an ISO 3166 standard value. Each value can be used only once per map.
    Map The map to associate with this mapping. If you do not fill in this field, this mapping can be used with any map.
  5. Click Submit to save your changes.

What to do next

Add the mapping to a report source, so it can be used to map data from that source to a map.