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Column view access control for list reports

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Column view access control for list reports

For list reports, the system property enables the add_to_list ACL, preventing users from reporting on list report columns with sensitive data.

A manager can prevent certain users from reporting on the Assigned to column when creating a report, for example. If a table field is restricted for the user, it doesn't appear in the Available column, so they aren't able to select it for a report they create.
Note: If the property is enabled: If a report is shared with a user who doesn't pass the add_to_list ACL for a specified column, and if the restricted column is already included in the report, the user can still see it in the Selected column, as well as its data within the report. If the user removes the column from the Selected column, they no longer see it listed in the Available column, and aren't able to select it again for including in a report.

This property is disabled by default. To enable it, navigate to sys_properties.list (System Property table) and set to true. Admin role required.

Once enabled, existing reports won't be affected. Columns will be invisible on only newly created list reports whose fields you specify as restricted.