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Using breakdowns on dashboards

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Using breakdowns on dashboards

You can add breakdown sources to a dashboard. Dashboard users then can select a breakdown source and one or more breakdown elements to filter scores in the visualizations on the dashboard.

The selected elements filter those Performance Analytics widgets on the dashboard that follow these conditions:
  • An indicator on the widget uses a breakdown that is based on the selected breakdown source.
  • The widget follows elements on breakdown dashboards.
The selected elements filter reports on the dashboard under the following conditions:
  • You have configured the dashboard to use the breakdown source as an interactive filter.
  • The report follows interactive filters on the dashboard.

If the dashboard user selects multiple elements, widgets can show scores separately for those elements, or show a single aggregate, depending on the widget type and configuration. For more information, see Showing multiple elements separately or aggregated.

The following illustration shows a breakdown widget with the scores given separately for each selected element of the Category breakdown. The dashboard user has selected three elements of the Incident.Category breakdown source. If this user has access to the Analytics Hub, they can click any score to view the score trend in the Analytics Hub.
Figure 1. Time series widget on breakdown dashboard
Dashboard with multiple breakdown elements applied from the Category breakdown