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Publish a Virtual Agent topic

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Publish a Virtual Agent topic

Deploy an inactive topic to make it available to users on Virtual Agent clients.

Before you begin

Role required: virtual_agent_admin or admin


  1. Navigate to Collaboration > Virtual Agent > Designer.
  2. In the Topics page, select the inactive topic to be published.
  3. In the Topic Properties page for the topic, click Publish.
    The topic state changes to Active.
  4. Verify that your keywords or utterances (if NLU is enabled) for the topic work as expected.
    1. Return to the Topics page and click Run Active Topics.
    2. In the conversation window, verify that the topic opens. You can enter keywords defined for the topic or the various utterances that correspond to the topic intent (if NLU is enabled).
      For the predefined Virtual Agent topics, the bot returns a list of topics that might match the keyword or utterance entered.