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ServiceNow mobile app configuration

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ServiceNow mobile app configuration

Configure the ServiceNowmobile app so that your users can access an instance from their mobile devices.


You configure your mobile apps in Studio. To test your configuration, you can use the app installed on your mobile device. To get the mobile apps, go the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and search for ServiceNow to download the available mobile apps.

You must be on Madrid or a later release to configure the mobile app.

Mobile Hierarchy

ServiceNow mobile apps are built on a hierarchy. When your users log into a mobile app, they see an applet launcher screen, where they can find applets, information, and commonly used actions. You can restrict access to applet launchers by roles, so you can create multiple launch pages that are tailored to specific groups. For more detail on the mobile framework, see Mobile Hierarchy

  • Create a mobile application using Guided Application Creator.
  • Create a data item.

    Data items represent blocks of information from a table in the platform. You can configure data items to determine what information appears in the mobile app. Each data item gets associated with an applet.

  • Create an applet.

    Applets are smaller applications that contain specific information and screens. For example, for an ITSM application, you could have an applet for Open Incidents. Depending on the information that you want to display, you can choose from different screen templates, such as a list, map, or URL page.

  • Add functions to the mobile app.

    Functions determine how a user navigates through the app. Configure functions that allow users to navigate to a new screen, make a call, send an email from a field, or update a record.

  • Create an applet launcher

    You can have many launchers in your application. You can customize when applets appear and restrict access to these launchers by role.

Mobile Customization

Use Studio to modify base system mobile applications, or create your own. Studio provides an environment where you can perform most customization and creation tasks relating to mobile applications. For more detail on Studio, see Mobile Studio.

Next steps

You can configure push notifications, offline support, and location tracking from the mobile app. For more information, see: