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Create or modify Service Portfolio Management services

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Create or modify Service Portfolio Management services

Create services that benefit and add value to your internal organization and external customers and users.

Before you begin

Role required: portfolio_admin or service_editor

About this task

All occurrences of the table and reference field label Business Service throughout the product have changed to Service. For example, the Business Service form has changed to Service form.
Note: This change is for new instances only and does not affect existing upgraded instances.


  1. To create a new service, navigate to Service Portfolio Management > Services and click New. Alternatively, to edit an existing service, click the name of the service to open the form. Change any of the form field data as needed.
    To delete an existing service, click the delete button in the form header.
  2. Fill in the form fields.
    Table 1. Service form
    Field Description
    Number Automatically generated unique identification for a new service record. Its value consists of a 'BSN' string and a unique number. Other forms and scripts can reference this identification.
    The Number field is visible with the Service Portfolio form view.
    Note: The Number field in service records that were created before the field was added, is null.
    Name Unique name that reflects the nature of the service.
    Service portfolio Service portfolio this service is associated with.
    Taxonomy node Taxonomy leaf node within a portfolio this service is associated with.
    Business criticality Criticality level that defines the importance of the service in your organization.
    Phase Phase that the service is in. Available values are: Pipeline, Catalog, and Retired.


    Status of the service per phase.
    Service classification Type of service. Available values are: Business Service, Technical Service, and Application Service.
    Version Version of the service.
    Aliases Other names used for this service.
    Start date Date the service is available.
    End date Date the service is retired.
    Last review date Date the service was last reviewed.
    Maintenance schedule Time during which maintenance is scheduled.
    Owned by Service owner responsible for this service in the organization.
    Delegate Person authorized to manage the service on behalf of the service owner.
    Business contact Person to contact for issues related to this service.
    Managed by Person who manages the service, typically an IT infrastructure manager. The person can be different from the person in the Owned by field.
    Delivery manager The delivery manager for the service.
    Business relation manager Relationship manager for this service.
    Vendor The vendor providing this service.
    Approval group Group whose approval is requested.
    Support group Group managing the service.
    Price model Pricing structure for a service. Choices are Per Unit and Fixed.
    Price Unit Short name of the unit for this service. Appears when Per Unit is chosen for the Price Model type.
    Location Physical location of the service.
    Performance score
    Note: Appears with a Service Owner Workspacesubscription.
    Most recent performance score. Populated after the service is active. The performance score is calculated by a nightly script and cannot be changed by the user.
    CSAT score
    Note: Appears with a Service Owner Workspacesubscription.
    Short Description Brief details about the service.
    Service level requirement Field captures the requirements, which include the service level agreements and service level targets, for the service.
    Unit Description Detailed description of the unit for this service.
    Prerequisites Other services that a user should have access to before they can use this service.
    Business need Business need this service supports.
    Compatibility dependencies Software or technologies that this service depends on, for example, an online email service may require a specific browser and version for access.
    Monitoring requirements Requirements necessary to monitor this service.
    Comments Description or a note about the service.
  3. Click Submit to save your service or click Update after editing a service.