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Configure Classic Mobile devices

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Configure Classic Mobile devices

When you configure Service Catalog on a Classic Mobile device, you can define the layout and presentation of catalogs. You can then perform actions such as ordering products and services, submit incidents and problems using record producers.

About this task

Users can access the service catalog on Classic Mobile devices to:
  • View and order products and services.
  • Submit incidents and problems using record producers.
Note: Users cannot access order guides, wizards, or content items from Classic Mobile devices.

Administrators and catalog administrators can configure the layout, presentation, and other aspects of the service catalog for Classic Mobile devices.

  • Defining rendering options for Classic Mobile categories.
  • Defining rendering options for Classic Mobile catalog items.

Accessing the Service Catalogon Mobile Devices

To access the service catalog, navigate to Self-Service > Catalog.
Figure 1. Service Catalog homepage Classic Mobile
Screenshot for Service Catalog Classic Mobile homepage

Catalog items are grouped into categories, which can also contain one or more subcategories.

You can browse and select an item. To browse for an item within a category, tap the category filter to select the category or subcategory.
Figure 2. Sample service catalog category
Screenshot for Service Catalog category

To request an item:


  1. Select an item.
    Figure 3. Order Item Classic Mobile
    Screenshot for order item Classic Mobile
  2. Tap any field with an arrow (>) to add information, such as the name or location of the requestor, the need-by date, or item quantity.
  3. Tap Add to Cart to add the item to your cart. The order screen appears.
    Figure 4. Order Item Classic Mobile 2
    Screenshot for Order Item Classic Mobile 2
  4. Tap Edit to edit your order, if required.
  5. To order the item as specified, tap Order, then tap OK when prompted to confirm ordering. A confirmation message appears.
    Figure 5. Classic Mobile Order Confirmation
    Screenshot for Classic Mobile order confirmation
  6. Tap the item to see further details.
    Figure 6. Classic Mobile Order Requested Item Details
    Screenshot for Classic Mobile Order Requested Item Details
  7. Tap the back arrow to return to the confirmation message.
  8. Tap Continue Browsing to return to the service catalog.

    After the request is submitted, ServiceNow follows request fulfillment processes to fulfill the ordered item.