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Create a knowledge article from an incident using an article template

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Create a knowledge article from an incident using an article template

Provide a resolution for an issue by creating a knowledge article from an incident with fields defined in an article template.

Before you begin

About this task

You can create a knowledge article only when the incident is resolved and you have not already created a knowledge article from that incident.


  1. Navigate to Incidents > Resolved.
  2. Open a resolved incident record.
  3. Access the Incident KCS Article form using one of the following methods:
    • Under Related Links, click Create Knowledge.
    • Right-click the form header and click Create Knowledge.
    The Incident KCS Article template provided with the base system appears. If you want to create your own article template, refer to Create an article template.
  4. On the form, fill in the fields.
    Table 1. Incident KCS Article form fields
    Field Description
    Number [Read-only field] Unique number to identify the knowledge article.
    Knowledge base Knowledge base in which the article is stored. The Incident KCS Article is stored in the [kb_template_incident_kcs_article] table.
    Category [Read-only field] The value of this field is automatically provided from the Category field of the knowledge.
    Valid to Date after which the knowledge article is deleted from the database. After this date, the article does not appear in the search result.
    Version [Read-only field] Displays the article version number, which is incremented when changes are made to a published article.
    Workflow [Read-only field] Workflow that is followed for creating the knowledge article. For more information, refer to Knowledge workflows .
    Source Task [Read-only field] Incident record from which you have created the article.
    Attachment link Check box to automatically download an attached article instead of opening the article, when you access an article.
    Display attachments Check box to display attachments in the knowledge article. The attachments appear below the article text.
    Short description Brief description of the knowledge article.
    Issue Information on the cause of the incident.
    Resolution Method used to resolve the incident.
  5. Click Submit.
    A knowledge article is created. The article record is listed in the Knowledge related list.