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Send communication updates

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Send communication updates

Update users on the latest communication on an incident through selected communication channels.

Before you begin

  • Role required: admin
  • Activate the Notify plugin (com.snc.notify) if you want to send communication through SMS.
  • Set at least one communication channel for a communication task as SMS or email.


  1. Navigate to Incident Communications Management > All.
  2. Open an incident communication plan record.
  3. From the Incident Communication Tasks related list, open the incident communication task for which you want to send updates.
  4. In the related links, click Send Updates.
  5. Fill in the required information and click Send.
    For sending an SMS communication, in the From list, select a number from which you want to send the communication. It contains a list of phone numbers derived from the selected Provider selector column which is a reference to the Provider selector table [notify_group_selector]. The From list displays phone numbers of all the groups associated with the Provider selector only when the following conditions are met:
    • The Manual selector check box in the Provider selector form is selected.
    • The value of the Source table field in the Provider selector is either empty or the same table that you have selected.
  6. Click Send.