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IT Business Management

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IT Business Management

IT Business Management offerings help you better manage demand, balance resources, manage agile and waterfall projects, perform budget planning, and map costs to technical and business services. IT runs more like a business unit and aligns better with the rest of the organization.

Plugins at the organization level

Watch this three-minute video for an overview of the ServiceNow IT Business Management product.

Organization Extension (com.snc.organization_extension) plugin

Organization Extension (com.snc.organization_extension) is a new plugin added in the New York release that activates Goals, Business unit, Enterprise strategy, and Business unit strategy entities. It is available on zboot to all customers with demo data.

Business Units, Goals, Enterprise Strategy, and Business Unit Strategy modules are available in the Organization application menu.

Business Applications and Business Capabilities modules are also available within the Organization application menu, however, their related tables are moved to Configuration Management (CMDB) (com.snc.cmdb) plugin, which is available on zboot but without demo data.

Business Stakeholder (com.snc.business_stakeholder) plugin

Business Stakeholder (com.snc.business_stakeholder) plugin is activated at the ITBM business unit level and contains business stakeholder read-only role (child) plugins at ITBM product levels. Activating the child plugins at the product level enables the read-only access role at the respective product level. Users with this role can view and approve reports at their product level. Following are the child plugins activated at the product levels:

Table 1. ITBM plugins
Plugin Description
Read only roles for Application Portfolio Management (com.snc.apm_read_roles) plugin The plugin provides business stakeholder role for APM. For plugin upgrade information and the levels of accessibility, see Business stakeholder role for APM.
Read only roles for Project Portfolio Suite with Financials (com.snc.pmo_read_roles) plugin The plugin provides the Read only roles for Financial Management (sn_itfm_read). Users with this role can access Financial Management dashboards. For more information on the list of dashboards and the levels of accessibility on the underlying tables, see Read only roles for Financial Management.