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Request funds for an investment

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Request funds for an investment

Request funds from a funding source for your investment.

Before you begin

Role required: investment_user

About this task

You can request funds only in the funding frequency configured in the Investment Funding Preferences.

You can request funds from a generic investment only if you have received funds from that generic investment in the past.


  1. Navigate to Investment Funding > My Investments.
  2. In the Investments owned by me tab, open an investment for which you need funds.
  3. Click the Request Funds tab.
  4. Select a working period and click Apply.
    The Request Funds list shows funding sources if you have previously requested funds from them for your investment.
  5. Click the Request from New Source link to select the funding source.
    1. Select a funding entity type from the Source Type list.
    2. Select a funding entity from which you want to request funds from the Source list.
      Note: If the owner field is set up in the selected source type, the owner name populates on the Investment Owner field. For more information, see Create a funding entity.
    The specified funding source is added in the Request Funds list.
  6. In the Request Funds list, specify the amount under the Requested CapEx and Requested OpEx columns of the funding sources from which you want to request funds.
    The state of all updated funding sources changes to Draft, which is indicated by highlighted cells.
  7. Click Request.
  8. In the Confirm request dialog box, verify your requests and click Request.


  • Funds are requested from the funding sources for the specified period.
  • The state of the investment from the funding sources changes to Requested.