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Management of business applications

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Management of business applications

A business application is software used by business users to perform a business function. Classify the applications to maintain an inventory and consolidate the business applications. Analyze, assess, and evaluate the applications across various dimensions and determine the action that you can take for each application.

You can record the details of a business application manually or import the list of applications from a spreadsheet or a third-party tool. To import data, define a data source and transform map, and run or schedule an import.

Assessment of Business applications

In APM, add any business application that you want to assess and track for costs, usage, business value, functional fitment, and risks.

Modeling platform applications and platforms

Use the Business Application form to create a record and capture the details of a platform application just as you create a record for a business application. Use the same form to create individual records of all business applications that run on the platform. This structure gives you a hierarchy of business applications associated to the platform host. The Architecture type field values help you to distinguish between the platform host and platform application data.

The architecture type values help in the following business cases:
  • Assess the performance of the platform as a whole as well as assess the performance of individual applications running on it.
  • Platform may be owned by a business owner who may not be the owner of the applications running on that platform. In such a scenario, the platform owner can assess the performance of the platform independent of the application owners, who assess the applications associated to the platform.

For example, you can create a business application record for ServiceNow® platform. Then, create individual business application records such as Application Portfolio Management, Financial Management, and Project Portfolio Management and associate these applications to ServiceNow® platform. The distinction between the records whether it is a business application running on a host or a platform hosting the applications lies in the Architecture type values of platform application and platform host.