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HR service catalog management

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HR service catalog management

Empower employees to request HR services through the HR service catalog. The HR service catalog provides employees a catalog of HR services that they can request directly from HR, such as to add beneficiaries to a benefits plan, request a travel visa, or inquire about a discrepancy in their paycheck. Employees can access the HR service catalog from a self-service portal such as the Employee Service Center. You can manage the setup and categorization of the HR service catalog, as well as configure the individual HR catalog items that populate it.

HR service catalog categorization

The HR service catalog is a collection of HR catalog items that employees can request directly from HR. The HR catalog items are organized into categories, which define the organizational structure for the catalog. For example, the items can be categorized by benefits, employee data management, employee relations, general, HR systems, payroll, talent management, and visas.

Note: The categorization of HR catalog items are employee-facing only, and have no relation to the categorization of HR services under the HR Centers of Excellence (COEs) data model.

The HR service catalog organizes the HR catalog items by category.

You can manage the creation or modification of categories in the HR service catalog, as well as assign or remove HR catalog items from a category or assign or remove categories from an HR catalog item. To manage the categorization of HR catalog items in the HR service catalog, see HR service catalog categorization.

HR catalog item configuration

HR catalog items are the HR services that your organization makes available for employees to request directly from the HR service catalog. (Not all HR services need to be accessible to employees; some services are only initiated internally by HR agents. This means that all HR catalog items have a corresponding HR service, but not all HR services have a corresponding HR catalog item.) To configure the HR catalog items, see HR catalog item configuration.

Once an HR catalog item is published to the HR service catalog, it is available for employees to request. When an employee submits an HR catalog item request, an HR case is created.