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HR e-signature

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HR e-signature

Sign electronic documents from any desktop or mobile device with e-signature. E-signature is a scoped application that enables users to sign managed documents, knowledge articles, or HR document templates with their typed or drawn e-signature, their credentials, or as an acknowledgment.

The e-signature [com.snc.esign] plugin activates the sn_esign.min_admin_count system property [sys_properties.list]. This property prevents you from deleting your only e-signature admin user by requiring a minimum number (default is two) of active users with this role.

HR and e-signature roles

By default, the following HR roles contain the following e-signature roles.

HR role E-signature role
HR administrator


E-signature administrator


HR basic


E-signature manager


You can use the assignments as-is or change them. To change the default assignments, see Components installed with e-signature for information on how to assign a role to another role, group, or user.

How to use e-signature templates with HR tasks

Users with the HR administrator [sn_hr_core.admin] or basic [sn_hr_core.basic] role can create e-signature templates. Each e-signature template pairs a document type to sign (managed document, knowledge article, or HR document template) with a signature type (signature, credential, or acknowledgment). For example, you could create an e-signature template for a non-disclosure agreement that requires a typed or drawn signature.

You can then use the e-signature templates in HR tasks or HR task templates to request signatures from users.

Note: On the HR task form, make sure that the HR task type sets to E-signature.

Migrating existing HR task templates and open HR tasks to e-signature

Migrate existing HR task templates and open HR tasks to the new HR task type for e-signature with the Migrate HR e-signature tasks scheduled job. The scheduled job automatically updates the HR task type and e-signature template based on your existing configurations. It also disables the old HR task types for credential, e-signature, and sign document.

Activation information

E-signature automatically activates when you activate Case and Knowledge Management. If it does not activate, you can manually activate e-signature. For information on what components install with the feature, see Components installed with e-signature.