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Mobile experience for Field Service Management

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Mobile experience for Field Service Management

Manage your field service tasks from anywhere using the Field Service Management mobile application. You can also access task information and complete tasks in locations where your mobile device is not connected to the internet.

The Field Service Management mobile application runs on the ServiceNow mobile platform.

Figure 1. Field Service Mobile
FSM Mobile
Figure 2.
As a field service agent or technician, you can use the mobile application when connected online to:
  • Plan your visits to work locations.

    View the list of all tasks assigned to you as well as your schedule and the location to execute those tasks.

  • Execute assigned tasks.

    Accept or reject tasks assigned to you. Search work orders and work order tasks to find the ones most relevant to you. Use route optimization that automatically determines the most efficient travel route if you have to execute tasks in multiple locations in a day. Navigate to the task location on a map and record the time when you start traveling to or start work at the task site.

    Access knowledge to view information relevant to completing a task or collaborate with other users to communicate in real time and resolve issues. Receive push notifications when a task is assigned.

  • Manage assets .

    Locate and source parts to complete tasks using the map. Scan an asset and view its work history or create a new work order for the asset. Track assets used at or removed from a task location when you execute a task.

  • Close work orders and work order tasks.

    Close tasks, view task SLAs, make outgoing calls, and get signature and confirmation on completed work orders.

When your mobile device is offline, you can execute assigned tasks at the task location, manage assets, track the time stamp of updated tasks, and close work orders and work order tasks. The data for tasks performed offline is stored on your device and synchronized when the device goes online.