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Respond to a customer chat request

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Respond to a customer chat request

Select a chat request from the chat queue and respond to a customer's question or comment.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_customerservice_agent, sn_customerservice_manager, or admin


  1. Navigate to Connect > Connect Support.
    The Connect workspace opens in a new tab.
  2. Click the support tab of the Connect sidebar, indicated by a headset icon (Support icon).
    The support tab displays Queues to which you belong. It also displays your open support conversations under Cases. When a user starts a support conversation or an agent transfers a conversation to a queue, any agent who belongs to the associated queue can accept the conversation. An agent can also request to transfer a conversation directly to you.
    Figure 1. Support tab of Connect sidebar
    The support tab of the Connect sidebar displays queues you belong to and support cases
  3. Accept a conversation in one of the following ways.
    Accept a conversation from a queue Under Queues, click Accept by the queue.

    The conversation opens in the conversation pane and an entry appears in the Cases section of the sidebar.

    Accept a transfer request Under Cases, click Accept by a transfer request.
    Figure 2. Transfer request
    The transfer request contains buttons to Decline or Accept

    The conversation opens in the conversation pane. The agent who transferred the conversation can stay in the conversation.

  4. Respond to the user and help resolve the issue.
    By default, your messages are added to the conversation record as comments and are visible to the user.

What to do next

If necessary, you can open a new customer service case or incident from the conversation to track the issue. You can also transfer the conversation to a different agent or queue, escalate the conversation to a higher priority queue.