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Initiate a conference call from a case

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Initiate a conference call from a case

As part of resolving a customer service case, you can initiate a conference call between involved users.

Before you begin

Role required: sn_customerservice_agent, sn_customerservice_manager, admin

About this task

Customer service agents can initiate a conference call from a case and add participants, including on-call members of shift groups.

Notify must be set up before you can use Notify on task. Ensure there are Notify phone numbers (E.164 or short code) in number groups with phone call workflows. Also ensure the property glide.notify.task.phone_number is set to one of these Notify phone numbers.


  1. Open the desired case.
  2. Click the Start Conference Call related link.
  3. Select one or more Recipients to participate in the conference call.
    You can add individual participants, groups, or individual phone numbers.