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Agent Workspace for CSM landing pages

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Agent Workspace for CSM landing pages

Landing pages provide customer service agents with an overview of their new, assigned, and high priority cases plus the cases assigned to their groups. Landing pages can also include analytics. Customer service agents can use these pages to quickly scan and access cases.

The CSM Landing Page is available for Agent Workspace for CSM. This landing page is included with the CSM Workspace plugin (com.snc.agent_workspace.csm). It includes components that display case information, plus visualizations that further break down the component data. Each visualization is connected to a data source. For example, the My High Priority Cases component includes visualizations for P1 and escalated cases. This landing page does not require a Performance Analytics license.

To add Performance Analytics information to the CSM Landing Page landing page, activate the Performance Analytics - Content Pack - Customer Service Management - Advanced plugin ( This plugin adds a section for My Organization's Performance, which includes analytics for CSAT and New vs Closed Cases.

Figure 1. CSM Landing page (PA version)
CSM Landing page with Performance Analytics data

Configuring landing pages

With the CSM Agent Workspace administrator role (workspace_admin) or the admin role, you can create landing pages for different agents and teams:
  • Clone the existing CSM Landing Page.
    Note: The application scope must be set to CSM Workspace. The Clone Page action is not available in the Global scope.
  • Add or edit containers in the page.
  • Add or edit visualizations for each container.
  • Edit the layout of a page or container.
The following types of visualizations are available:
  • Reports
    • Single score
    • Trend by
    • List
  • Performance Analytics
    • Single score
    • Time series

Multiple landing pages

You can create multiple landing pages. However, only a single landing page is displayed for a user. The landing page that is displayed for a user depends on the following settings:
  • The setting of the Active field. This field must be set to true for a landing page to be displayed.
  • The Order of the landing page. Pages with a lower order value take precedence over pages with a higher order value.
  • If permissions are defined, users can see a landing page if they have the required role or are a member of the required assignment group. Multiple roles and assignment group conditions are treated as OR conditions.

Using landing pages

From the CSM Landing Page, customer service agents can:
  • View the case information presented in each component.
  • Drill into each component to see the case list behind the single score.
  • Navigate to individual records from the case lists.
From the CSM Landing Page (PA version), which includes analytics, agents can also:
  • View a single score component.
  • View a time series component.
Note: There are no interactions for a time series component.