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Add featured content in a community

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Add featured content in a community

Add or edit featured content in a community to appear in the Featured Content section on the community homepage, forum homepage, or both.

Before you begin

Set the following properties as required.
Table 1. Featured content properties
Property name Description
sn_communities.default_featured_days Default number of days for content to be featured. End date is calculated from the date the content is featured on.
sn_communities.max_featured_limit Maximum amount of featured content at forum or at global level.
sn_communities.featured_global_notify_user Send notifications to community users when content is featured on the community homepage. This property is inactive by default.
Note: Notifications are always sent to community administrators and moderators.

To send out email notifications when featured content expires, set the Featured Content Expire scheduled job to Active.

Role required: sn_communities.admin, sn_communities.community_moderator, sn_communities.forum_admin, or sn_communities.forum_moderator


  1. Navigate to the community homepage.
  2. Click the content you want to feature.
    Note: Question and Answer content types are not enabled for featuring by default. To enable Question or Answer content types for featuring, navigate to Community > Administration > Content Types. Click the content type you want to enable and select the Allow Featuring check box. In the same way, you can also disable content types for featuring.
  3. Click ... and Mark as featured.
  4. On the Feature Content pop-up window, select whether to feature the content on the community homepage or in a specific forum.
    A notification that content has been featured is sent out to the author of the content, community users who commented on the post, and community users who are subscribed to the post. If featured content has expired or is removed from the featured content list by another user, community and forum administrators are notified.