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Agent Workspace for CSM

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Agent Workspace for CSM

Agent Workspace for Customer Service Management integrates the platform functionality specific to tier 1 customer service agents and puts these features into an easy-to-navigate interface.

Agent Workspace for CSM supports the needs of agents handling customer inquiries, issues, and cases from multiple sources, including:
  • Case agents, who handle cases created from the Customer or Consumer Service Portals or from inbound emails.
  • Phone agents, who handle customer phone inquiries.
  • Chat agents, who handle customer chat requests.
Agent Workspace for CSM makes it easy for agents to efficiently manage multiple cases, accounts, customers, and consumers.
  • The multi-tab interface improves agent productivity by enabling agents to easily navigate between records.
  • The ribbon provides overview information in a way that quickly orients an agent to case details.
  • The intuitive Case form layout minimizes scrolling by displaying case details side-by-side with the activity stream.
  • Agent Assist enables agents to quickly search for information across multiple sources such as knowledge bases and community sites.
  • Predictive Intelligence can provide agents with a list of similar cases and can also provide recommendations about major issues and major cases. For more information, see Similar case/recommendation.


The Customer Service plugin (com.sn_customerservice) activates the CSM Workspace plugin (com.snc.agent_workspace.csm) and provides the functionality of CSM Agent Workspace.

Additional plugins are required for phone integration. For details, see Agent Workspace phone integration.