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Add a software removal candidate

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Add a software removal candidate

Removal candidates reclaim software resources in your environment. They are created from reclamation rules, or can be created manually.

Before you begin

Role required: sam_user

About this task

Software reclamation is integrated with Workflow and Client Software Distribution to automate the process of uninstalling software from devices and reclaiming software rights however you can also create a removal candidate manually.


  1. Navigate to Software Asset > Removal Candidates and create a new record on the Reclamation, Blacklisted, or Other Removal Candidates list (see table for field descriptions).
    Table 1. Removal Candidate form
    Field Description
    Number Unique removal candidate number that is automatically generated.
    Assignment group Automatically set to the software managers group authorized to respond to removal candidates.
    Assigned to Person primarily responsible for working this task.
    Name Removal candidate name that is automatically generated. Contains the software installation display name.
    Description Description of why the task exists, and what the user must do if they receive an approval.
    State Current state of the removal candidate.
    • Attention Required
    • Ready
    • Awaiting User
    • Awaiting Approval
    • Awaiting Revocation
    • Closed Complete
    • Closed Skipped
    Opened Date the task was opened.
    Closed Date the task was closed.
    Justification Justification for becoming a removal candidate.
    • Low Usage (default)
    • Unallocated
    • Unlicensed
    • Blacklisted
    Removal Candidate
    Applies to Item type to which the reclamation rule applies.
    • Installed Software
    • Subscription Software
    Software installation The software installation being reclaimed.
    User Name of the user assigned to the software installation.

    This value can be changed so that another user receives the notification of software being uninstalled.

    Reclamation rule The reclamation rule that created the removal candidate.
    Potential savings Estimated cost of savings if all removal candidates are in Closed Complete state, meaning the software was uninstalled and the rights were harvested (unused rights * average price per right from entitlements).
    Notify user Check box for notifying the user assigned to the hardware on which the software is installed requesting permission via email to remove the software.
    Configuration item The device on which the software is installed.
    Work notes Used to track the actions that have been performed on this task.
  2. For additional configuration, select the new record from the Removal Candidates list and click an action button.
    Note: Action buttons shown are dependant on removal candidate justification and state.
    Action Description
    Update Update the removal candidate.
    Close Complete Reclaim rights and close the removal candidate.
    Close Skipped Close the removal candidate without reclaiming rights.
    Reclaim Reclaim rights.
    Delete Delete removal candidate.