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Mail script API

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Mail script API

Certain variables are available when processing mail_script scripts.

Table 1. Mail script variables
Variable Object Description

Handles printing from the mail script to the email message.

template.print("message"); //outputs message to the email body."number of spaces"); //outputs spaces to the email body.

email_action GlideRecord object for the email notification (sysevent_email_action).
event GlideRecord object for the event that fired the notification (sysevent).

EmailOutbound object

Available methods:
  • addAddress(String type, String address, String displayname): type can be cc or bcc.
  • setFrom(String address): override the sender address.
  • setReplyTo(String address): override the reply to address.
  • setSubject(String subject): override the subject of the message.
  • setBody(String message): override the body of the message.
The email address that is passed by setFrom and setReplyTo needs to be in a valid form such as or Display Name <>. If the email address includes a 'Display Name', then that value overrides the instance's display name.