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Publish an approved revision

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Publish an approved revision

This topic explains how to publish a document revision that has been approved.

About this task

Once a document has been created and edited, a specific revision can be submitted for draft review and final approval. After final approval, the document can be published.

Publish the approved revision from the Document Revisions list.

Note: Publishing documents to the Knowledge Base requires the Knowledge Document Plugin.


  1. Navigate to the document record.
  2. In the Document Revisions List, click the revision marked Ready for Publishing.
  3. Click Publish Revision to display the Publish dialog box.
    Publish revision

    The revision number matches the latest revision number. If your standard is to change the revision number when the document is published, such as incrementing the version number to 1.1 or 1.0.1, the change can be made on this dialog box manually.

  4. Click Publish.

    The published revision is highlighted in green and the stage of previous revisions is automatically changed to Retired:

    Revision published
    Note: If the approval and publishing process is repeated, the published revision is retired when the new revision is published. Any workflows running against previous revisions are canceled when the document is published.