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Delete questions from an AQI checklist

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Delete questions from an AQI checklist

Deleting a question in a checklist deletes the text in the question of previously performed AQI reviews that use the checklist. Deleting an AQI question from a checklist will not affect the score of the previously performed AQI reviews. However, the text of the question will not be displayed in the checklist.

Before you begin

You can delete questions from a checklist if the following conditions are met:

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Article Quality Index > AQI checklists.
  2. Click the AQI checklist from which you want to delete one or more questions.
  3. In the Checklist Questions related list, select the check box next to the questions that you want to delete.
  4. From the Actions on Selected Rows choice list, select Delete.
  5. In the Confirmation window, click Delete.