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Create a user criteria record in Knowledge Management

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Create a user criteria record in Knowledge Management

You can create or modify a user criteria record in Knowledge Management. User criteria is used to control which users, groups, roles, companies, locations, and/or departments can access knowledge bases and articles.

Before you begin

Role required: user_criteria_admin


  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Administration > User Criteria.
  2. Click New or open a record.
  3. Fill out the fields on the form as required.
    For field descriptions, refer to Create a user criteria record in Service Catalog
    Note: Including scripts in user criteria records can impact performance, because scripts are evaluated dynamically.

    If scripted user criteria is defined for a knowledge base, user access to knowledge bases is evaluated once per session. If the script results in changes after a session cache is built, the result takes effect in the next session.

    Changes to a user role, group, company, location, or department take immediate effect.

  4. Click Submit.