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Manage ownership groups

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Manage ownership groups

Create ownership groups and associate them to knowledge articles. Knowledge group managers or knowledge administrators can edit ownership groups.

Before you begin

The Knowledge Management Advanced plugin (com.snc.knowledge_advanced) must be activated.

Role required: Users with the knowledge_domain_expert or knowledge_admin roles can create ownership groups.

Users with the knowledge_group_manager or knowledge_admin roles can edit ownership groups.

About this task

Create an ownership group by adding members and a manager. Knowledge administrators approve ownership groups.

When knowledge articles are created, ownership groups can be associated to them. Ownership groups manage article approvals and feedback and can edit and retire knowledge articles that they are associated with.

Knowledge group managers can edit ownership groups managed by them by adding or removing members without the need for approval. They cannot change the manager assigned in their groups. Only knowledge administrators can reassign managers.


  1. Navigate to Knowledge > Ownership Groups > Manage Group.
  2. To create an ownership group, select Create Ownership Group from the Request field.
    Note: To edit an existing ownership group, select Edit Ownership Group from the Request field.
  3. Fill in the fields on the form, as required.
    Table 1. Manage Knowledge Ownership Group form
    Field Description
    Name Name of the ownership group.
    Group email An email address for the ownership group. Emails are sent to group members in these cases.
    • Activity on articles they are associated with, for example, comments.
    • Article quality checks (AQI) performed on articles they are associated with.

      If no group email is defined, emails are sent to individual group member emails.

    Description Description that defines the ownership group.
    Manager Manager for the ownership group.
    Group members Members of the ownership group.
  4. Click Order Now.
    The ownership group is sent to the knowledge administrator for approval. Once approved, the ownership group is ready to use and associate to a knowledge article.
    Note: You can also create an ownership group from an existing group.
    1. Navigate to System Security > Users and Groups > Groups.
    2. Click a group.
    3. In the Type field, enter Knowledge.
      Note: If the Type field does not appear on the form, configure the form layout to add it.
    4. In the Manager field, enter a manager and add the role knowledge_group_manager.
    5. In the Roles related list, click Edit and add the role knowledge_group_member to the group.