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Knowledge article version numbers

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Knowledge article version numbers

Knowledge article version numbers follow a specific pattern. Increments to the version number depend on the revision type.

Article version numbers follow this pattern: <major release number.minor release number>

The type of revision being made to an article determines the increment. A minor revision increments the version number by 0.01. A major revision, such as publishing an article, increments the version to the next whole number, for example, from version 2.02 to 3.0.

The following example illustrates the life cycle of a versioned article and the changes to the version number.
User action Article state Version number
Knowledge author creates a new article Draft 0.01
Knowledge author makes a change and updates the article. Draft 0.01
Knowledge author submits the article for review. Review 0.02
Knowledge author recalls the article to make another change. Draft 0.03
Knowledge article submits the article for review Review 0.04
Approver rejects the article and requests a change. Draft 0.05
Knowledge author makes the change and submits the article for review. Review 0.06
Approver approves the article Published 1.0
Knowledge author checks out the published article. Draft 1.01
Knowledge author submits the article for review. Review 1.02
Approver approves the article

When the version 2.0 article is published, the state of the version 1.0 article changes to Outdated.

Published 2.0
Any change to the state of an article results in a version increment, except to and from the Pending retirement, Retired, and Outdated states.