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Create or edit a CMDB Health staleness rule

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Create or edit a CMDB Health staleness rule

If the staleness metric is in effect, then staleness rules are used to determine the percentage of stale CIs in the CMDB. This sum is then aggregated into the correctness KPI, and weighs into the overall CMDB health calculation. Staleness rules are defined per class.

Before you begin

Role required: itil has read access, itil_admin (on top of itil) has full access.

About this task

The Discovery setting of certain types of CIs as stale takes precedence over a CMDB Health staleness rule defined for the CI. For more information about Discovery marking CIs as stale, see Discovery for VMware vCenter.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > CI Class Manager.
  2. Click Hierarchy to display the CI Classes list. Select the class for which to create a staleness rule.
  3. In the class navigation bar, expand Health and then click Correctness. Click Staleness Rule.
  4. Select a staleness rule to edit or click New, and then fill out the Staleness Rule form.
    Field Description
    Applies to The class for which the rule applies.
    Effective Duration The time period that is used for the staleness test.

    If the CI was not updated (based on Updated sys_updated_on) within the specified time period — the CI is determined to be stale.

    If you enter a value with a prefix that is valid and a suffix that is not, such as 15 x — the valid portion of the value is used ('15'). If the entire value is invalid — the value is ignored and the previous valid value is used.

  5. Click Submit or Update to save the rule.