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SC Catalog Item widget

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SC Catalog Item widget

Use this widget (widget-sc-cat-item-v2) to view the information about a catalog item and order the item.

Configure catalog items using the Service Catalog in the platform UI by navigating to Service Catalog > Catalog Definitions > Maintain Items.

Catalog variables determine what information your users are allowed to select from, for example, color, size, or price. For more information on defining the variables for a catalog item, see Create a service catalog variable.

Figure 1. SC Catalog Item Widget
Screenshot for the SC Catalog Item Widget

Instance options

Use the widget instance options to customize the settings for the SC Catalog Item widget. To customize the settings for this widget, press the Ctrl key, click on the widget, and select Instance Options.

Table 1. Instance options for the SC Catalog Item widget
Field Description
Bootstrap color Color of the widget based on the selections made in the Branding Editor.
Other Options
Show Add Cart Button Displays the Add to Cart button in the Order Item widget.
Show field validation messages Displays the Required information section with mandatory fields whose values are not specified.
Show Add/Update Wish List buttons Displays the Add to Wish List or the Update Wish List buttons in the Order Item widget.
Order Item Section on Top Displays the Order Item widget to the right of the catalog item form. Else, the Order Item widget is displayed below the catalog item form.
Enable Show More/Less for Item description on Mobile Enables the Show more or Show less options for the catalog item description in the mobile view. By default, the Show more option is available.
  • Click Show more to display the entire description.
  • Click Show less to display only 150 characters of the description.