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Icon menu list widget

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Icon menu list widget

A simple list with a glyph icon next to each link.

Configure the icon information using the Menu Items related list.

Figure 1. Icon Menu list widget
Icon Menu list widget with icons for profile, group information, and credit card information
  1. From the instance options for the icon menu list widget, under Related Lists, click Menu Items.
  2. Click New.
  3. Use the fields on the New Menu Items form to configure the icons for the icon menu list widget.
Table 1. Icon menu list widget instance options
Field Description
Label Name or description of the icon
Parent Menu The name of the menu that the icon appears in. This automatically populates with the name of the icon menu list widget that you created but you have the option to switch it to another menu.
Order The order in which the icons appear in the icon menu list widget.
Parent menu Item Nest menu items within a parent menu.
Page The page within Service Portal that the icon links to. Select Page from the Type list to enable this option.
Type Select the type of link you want the icon to have. You can link to pages within Service Portal, external URLs, KB articles, Service Catalog, or lists. Different fields will appear on the form depending on the option you select from the list.
Condition Determines what conditions are required for menu items to show in the header. For more information on what conditions to use in the Condition field, see Create a UI Action Create a UI action.
Glyph Icon that you want to display in the icon menu list widget.