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Join conference call workflow activity

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Join conference call workflow activity

The Join Conference Call activity connects an incoming or outgoing call to a Notify conference call.

Notify includes the workflows Notify: (Re)join Conference Call and Notify: Join Conference Call Via SMS to demonstrate how to use the join conference call activity to connect inbound and outbound calls, and inbound SMS messages to a conference call.

Input variables

Input variables determine the initial behavior of the activity.

Table 1. Input variables
Variable Description
Advanced Select this check box to display advanced configuration options.
Script Specify advanced configuration options using JavaScript, such as if the new participant should be muted upon joining the conference call. You can access values from the workflow scratchpad.
beepOnEnter When the current participant joins the conference then a “beep” sound is played.
beepOnExit When the current participant leaves the conference then a “beep” sound is played.
enableImmediateInput This option has no effect if hangUpOnStar is false. Setting this to true will immediately put Twilio into “Input Gather” mode after star “*” key is pressed in a conference. This is useful to implement features like dialing *6 to mute/unmute self in a conference.


The conditions determine which transition comes after this activity. The join conference call activity does not specify any conditions by default.

You can add an error condition to this activity. The activity transitions through the error condition if the confernece_call scratchpad variable is not set.

Scratchpad entries

The activity uses the workflow scratchpad to read persistent values.

Table 2. Values read from scratchpad
Scratchpad variable Description
workflow.scratchpad.conference_call A GlideRecord for a single conference call record. A call processed by this activity is added to this conference call. If this value is not specified, the join conference call activity will log an error.

When initiating an outgoing call workflow using the Notify API call(String notifyPhoneNumber, String toPhoneNumber, GlideRecord conferenceCall) method, this scratchpad value is set automatically to the conference call GlideRecord. For incoming call workflows, or workflows initiated using a different mechanism, you must explicitly set this scratchpad value.

Enable the hangupOnStar attribute

System administrators can enable the hangupOnStar attribute and use it in the Join Conference Call workflow activity. When hangupOnStar is enabled (set to true), participants in a conference call can press the * button to disconnect from the call. Control is returned to the workflow, which can be used to trigger customer-defined actions.

To enable the hangupOnStar attribute:
  1. Navigate to Workflow > Administration > Workflow Versions.
  2. Open the Notify: (Re)join Conference Call workflow.
  3. Click the Show Workflow related link.
  4. To modify the workflow, click the WorkFlow Actions icon and click Checkout.
  5. Open the Join Conference Call workflow activity.
  6. Enable the Advanced check box to display the Script field.
  7. Set the hangupOnStar attribute to true. The default setting is false.
  8. Click Update.
  9. Click the WorkFlow Actions icon and click Publish to save the changes.