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If workflow activity

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If workflow activity

The If activity checks a condition or script to determine if a Yes or No transition should be taken.

If the workflow creator specifies both the Condition and the Advanced script, both must evaluate successfully for activity to take the Yes transition.


The workflow designer can assign a result value using activity.result from within the Script field on the activity record. By default, the result value of the activity is the final result of the condition or script specified. Possible result values are:
  • Yes
  • No

Input variables

The following variables determine the behavior of the activity.
Table 1. If activity input variables
Field Description
Condition If specified and the current record matches the condition, the Yes transition is taken.
Advanced and Script To specify a script, select the Advanced check box. You may then enter a script that is evaluated. If your script sets the variable answer to yes, then the Yes transition is taken. Otherwise, the No transition is taken.


The following conditions determine which transition comes after the activity.
Note: Condition activities run as the user whose actions match the conditions the workflow was waiting for and advances the workflow.
Table 2. If activity conditions
Yes Taken when the condition, if specified, matches and the Advanced script, if specified, returns yes.
No Taken when either the condition does not match or the Advanced script, if specified, returns no.


The activity state tells the workflow engine what to do with the activity.
Table 3. If activity states
State Description
Executing The workflow engine knows to start the onExecute function of the activity.
Waiting The workflow engine ignores the activity until a specific event to restart the activity is fired.
Finished The activity finished running. See the result value for the outcome of the activity.
Cancelled This activity, or the workflow that contains this activty, was canceled.
Error A JavaScript error occurred. Review the logs for error details.