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Metric result fields

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Metric result fields

List of field descriptions for the Metric Result form.

Table 1. Metric Result form
Field Description
Assessment group Assessment group to which the metric result belongs. An assessment group is a container for survey instances and results generated in a single occurrence. The system generates an assessment group every time at least one survey instance is created. If multiple survey instances are created at once, such as when a survey administrator sends invitations to a list of survey users, they are all stored in the same assessment group.
Metric Question that the user answered.
Data type Data type of the question the user answered.
Method Assessment method. Always Assessment for surveys.
Updated Date and time the metric result was last updated.
Source Survey definition from which the associated survey instance was generated.
Assigned to User who completed the survey questionnaire.
Instance Survey instance completed by the Assigned to user.
Actual value

Value obtained from the user response to the question. The actual value is determined by the question data type:

  • Checkbox: The actual value is 0 if the check box is cleared and 1 if it is selected.
  • Choice or Likert Scale: The actual value is equal to the Value of the metric definition associated with the chosen answer option.
  • Date, Date/Time, or String: The actual value is -1 to indicate that these data types do not contribute to category result calculations.
  • Template: The actual value is equal to the Value of the template definition associated with the chosen answer option.
  • Yes/No: The actual value is 0 if the response is No and 1 if it is Yes.
Normalized value Adjusted value that accounts for the Scale definition setting, minimum and maximum values, and other factors.

The equation that generates the value and an example calculation appear in Example: calculate the normalized value for a survey metric.

String value Value that displays the response as it appears on a questionnaire. In some cases this is the same as the Actual value, such as when the question data type is Percentage. The string value is N/A for unanswered questions of certain data types.