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Survey responses and results

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Survey responses and results

There is a metric result record for each user response to each question on every survey instance. Survey results for each question and category are calculated automatically based on the metric result records.

If you use survey result calculations for results and scorecards, ensure that the positive indicator field for the question is set appropriately, based on the answer options. To have any results, a category must contain scored questions.

Survey responses

Survey responses are stored in the Metric Result [asmt_metric_result] table and display the recipients' answers to each question in a category. To view general results, navigate to Survey > Survey Responses. To view results for a particular criterion, use a filter on the Metric Result [asmt_metric_result] table. For example, to view results based on the assignment group, apply a filter condition for assignment group.

Figure 1. Survey metric results
Survey metric results

Category results

Category results are stored in the Assessment Category Result [asmt_category_result] table and display the overall ratings for each category based on the weighted value for each scored question. To view these results, navigate to Assessments > Results > Category results and filter the results using the [Type.Evaluation method] [is] [Survey] condition.

Figure 2. Assessment category results
Assessment category results

Survey scorecards

A scorecard provides a visual breakdown of survey responses, based on the way questions were answered, by category. To access a scorecard, see View a survey scorecard.