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Specify alternative outbound email addresses for notifications

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Specify alternative outbound email addresses for notifications

By default, the system sends all outbound email notifications from the default email address of the instance, but you can specify an alternative address.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

For organizations that need to send email messages from specific email addresses, such as from multiple service desks, or they want to send notifications in different languages, the platform supports configuring multiple outbound addresses.


  1. Navigate to System Notification > Email > Notifications.
  2. Select an existing notification record for the desired event, such as Incident Closed.
  3. Create a copy of this notification for each outbound email address.
  4. Open one of the notification copies, and click the Advanced view related link.
  5. In the What it will contain section, add an email address to the From field that is different from the default instance address.
    For more information on how to construct the From address, refer to section 3.6.2 of RFC 2822.
  6. Add a different email address than the From address to the Reply to field if you want replies to this notification to go to a different address.

    The system checks the From field for an address. If this field is empty, then the system uses the default address for the instance. If the Reply to field is empty, then all replies are sent to the address from which the notification was sent. If the Reply to field contains an email address, then the system sends all replies to the notification to this address.

  7. Create mutually-exclusive conditions for notifications of the same type, so only the desired notification is sent when the event is fired.

    For example, if the Company is a certain value, then the notification comes from a unique email address entered in the From field.

  8. Click Update.