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Archive email manually

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Archive email manually

You can archive email messages manually on demand instead of waiting for the instance to archive them based on a scheduled job.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Email Retention provides these email archive rules:
  • Emails - Ignored and over 90 days old: archives email message records that were created more than 90 days prior to the current date and are of type received-ignored or sent-ignored.
  • Emails - Over a year old: archives email message records that were created more than 365 days prior to the current date.
You can manually archive email messages that meet these archive rules or any additional archive rules that you create.
Note: An archive record must be active for the instance to be able to process records with it.


  1. Navigate to System Archiving > Archive Rules.
  2. Open the email archiving rule that you want to modify.
  3. Click Recalculate Estimate to see how many records in the Email [sys_email] table are going to be archived. The estimate appears in the Record estimate field.
  4. Click Run Archive Now.
    Note: You can also archive related records.