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Users: Enroll in the Password Reset program using emailed codes

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Users: Enroll in the Password Reset program using emailed codes

To prove that you are who you say you are (verify your identity) while resetting your password, you enter a code that was sent to your email address. You can enroll for this program on a mobile device.

Before you begin

Role required: none

About this task

During this enrollment process, you add the email address, the system sends you a code so you can verify the address, and then you authorize the address to be used for the Password Reset process. By default, the system sends the code to the email address that is associated with your ServiceNow profile. You can send the code to additional email addresses.


  1. Navigate to Password Reset > Enroll and then click the Email Verification tab.
    If your organization requires you to enroll for the Email verification method, then the tab is marked with an asterisk (*). Email addresses that were added previously are listed on the tab.
  2. Click Add Email, enter the Email address and a meaningful Email name to associate with the address and then click Add Email. Repeat the process for as many email addresses as you need.
  3. On the Email Verification tab, for each email that should receive Password Reset codes, click Verify.
    The system sends an email message with a code and then displays the Verify the Email Address pop-up.
  4. On the Verify the Email Address pop-up, enter the code and click Verify. If this process fails, click Send a New Code to send a different code and try again.
  5. After you verify each email address, select the Authorized check box for each address that you expect to use to change or reset your password.
    Note: To deauthorize an email address so that it does not receive Password Reset codes, clear the Authorized check box.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. (Optional) Enroll for an additional identity verification using any of the other methods that your organization offers. See: