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Customizing Password Reset processes

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Customizing Password Reset processes

Password Reset scripts enable you to customize Password Reset by creating your own credential store, verification, and identification types, and extend them by defining extension scripts. You can also create a custom credential store type, custom verification type, or verification.

Password Reset scripting is available to users with the password_reset_admin role. The easiest way to customize Password Reset is:

  1. Create custom types and scripts as described in Password Reset extension script categories.

    Extension scripts are example script includes that enable you to extend functionality in a password reset process. The extension script category refers to the specific types of behavior for an extension script (for example, credential store, verification, identification type, or as a post-processor).

  2. Follow the configuration steps described in Configure your Password Reset process.
  3. Select the new types that you created. You can customize the following components:

Advanced password reset configuration

You can customize the Password Reset and Password Change applications to meet your organization's needs. See Password Reset and Password Change applicationsor more information. Also see Configure Password Reset properties for a list of properties that control several aspects of password reset.