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Geolocation Google key

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Geolocation Google key

Geolocation requires a Google Maps API for Business license to enable the use of Google driving time estimates and to use Google Maps. Applications, such as Field Service Management, have functionality that requires this license.

If you are using auto-routing or auto-dispatch in Field Service Management, both the Google Maps API for Business private key and the client ID must be set for precise time estimates. Without these values, driving times for auto-routing and auto-dispatch are not available, and a rough estimate or fixed time is used. Use these properties, found in System Properties > Google Maps Google Maps, to enable the geolocation feature.

  • Client ID for Google Maps API for Business: Google client ID for your organization. This ID is from Google and starts with gme-, such as gme-mycompanyname.
  • Private key for Google Maps API for Business: Key required to get accurate driving time estimates from Google for some features of Geolocation. An example of an encoded key is: vNIXE0xscrmjlyV-12Nj_BvUPaw=