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Define agent pools eligible for assignment

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Define agent pools eligible for assignment

Specify pools of agents eligible to receive overflow work assignments for a queue. An eligible assignment pool can consist of one or more groups of agents available to work on items in the queue. This feature enables AWA to find a qualified agent from a wider pool of agents.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Use the Assignment Eligibility related link to expand the pool of agents eligible to work on items in the queue when other agents are busy or unavailable. For each agent pool, select the assignment rule that determines the assignment eligibility. If you do not define an eligible assignment pool for a queue, work items are routed to the queue but AWA does not assign them.


  1. Navigate to Advanced Work Assignment > Queues and in the Queues [awa_queues] table, click the queue to update.
  2. To create an assignment pool, go to the Assignment Eligibility related link.
    • To create a new eligible assignment pool, click New.
    • To modify the assignment eligibility for a pool of agents, select the pool to be updated.
  3. Fill in or update the Assignment Eligibility form.
    Field Definition
    Agent assignment rule The name of the rule that determines how work items are to be assigned. Select an assignment rule from the list.
    Eligible at The length of time in seconds before AWA considers the next set of agents for assignment.
    Groups The set of groups eligible for assignment.
    • Click the lock icon to unlock it and select the agent groups in the eligible assignment pool.
    • Click the lock icon to lock it.
  4. Click Submit to create the eligible or Update if modifying an eligible assignment pool.
    The Queues [awa_queues] table is updated with the eligible assignment pool.