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State flow example

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State flow example

Your business processes might require work order tasks to be accepted automatically when dispatched to an agent.

About this task

Create a new state flow record that automates the transition from Pending Dispatch to Accepted and bypasses the Assigned state in which agents can reject tasks. This prevents the system from running the manual script associated with UI actions. The automatic script performs the jobs that the manual script performed, such as updating the date and time the task was dispatched, or to do additional work such as sending a notification.


  1. Navigate to State Flows > Service Management > Service Order Flows.
  2. Open the Assigned record that defines a task transition from a starting state of Pending Dispatch to an ending state of Assigned.

    This is an automatic state change that occurs when an agent's name is added to the Assigned to field and the task is updated.

    Assigned Work Task
  3. Change the name of the state flow.

    In this example, change the name to Skip Agent Acceptance.

  4. Change the value in the Ending state field to Accepted.

    This transition allows you to bypass the Accept state flow record that enables agents to reject tasks.

  5. Do not change the settings in these fields:
    • Automatic condition string: This condition ensures that the current state is at Pending Dispatch and the value in the Assigned to field changes: current.state == 10 && current.assigned_to.changes()
    • Automatic condition: The condition [Assigned to] [is not empty] ensures that all dispatched tasks are accepted automatically.
    Note: The previous two condition statements have an [and] relationship. In this example, the business rule runs when a task in a state of Pending Dispatch is assigned to any agent.
    • Automatic script: The automatic script sets the time the task was dispatched, using the method: current.dispatched_on = gs.nowDateTime();.
  6. Copy the record using the Insert and Stay command.

    This action increments the record number and clears the Business rule field. The system automatically creates a new business rule, using the name of the new state flow record. The Skip Agent Acceptance business rule moves the task from Pending Dispatch to Accepted automatically when a dispatcher enters a user name in the Assigned to field. Note that any changes you make to this state flow record in the future are executed by this business rule.

  7. Ensure that the Active check box is selected.
    Work Task Flow - Automatic Tab
  8. In the Work Task Flows list, locate the Accept state flow record and change the Active status to false.

    This action deactivates the transition that allows agents to accept tasks and moves the state flow directly from Pending Dispatch to Accepted.